New Photoshoot Arthus & Nico by Tony Rondineau

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It’s time for some new PetitQ Underwear ! This time the designers and owners, French couple Arthus & Nico are wearting their own underwear. For this photoshoot, we focused on briefs and bikinis, revealing but not too sexy. arthusnico-petitq

You can watch the behind the scene of the photoshoot with Tony Rondineau


Watch the uncensored video of PetitQ Underwear

Petit Q Underwear, the smallest men underwear from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown are trying new sexy underwear and invite their friends Brent Corrigan and Jose Parra for an underwear show before hitting the streets of Hollywood. They are trying the new c-strings, the one-side thong and the kini.
This is the uncensored version with the guys showing their best assets.
What is your favorite underwear ?

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Spartacus: Milwaukie, OR

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Block Party: West Hollywood, CA

Bourbon Pride: New Orleans, LA

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